A NEW ERA - Spring 2017 Perfect Wedding Magazine PWSpring2017 - Page 70

P ERFECT L OVE This wedding was challenging because the temple was sentimental for our bride, Milana, but the bones to the ballroom needed to be completely transformed. We draped the entire room and hung a gorgeous large chandelier as the centerpiece above a silver custom dance floor. Inspired by European style and the bride’s love for crystals, we created a modern and clean look with mirrored tables, crystal candelabras, and accents of gold. The bride was astounded and guests did not even recognize the ballroom after the transformation! - ALIANA RUBINS HONEYMOON Milana tells us that she and Igor enjoyed two weeks travelling all around Thailand - It was truly beautiful! THEIR ADVICE Enjoy the process, live in the moment, learn to compromise, accept that not everything will go as planned and that it is okay!, and most importantly, don’t forget the reason behind all of this! 68 Perfect Wedding Magazine A New Era / Spring 2017 MOST MEMORABLE MOMENT You go through so many emotions on your wedding day and they are truly all memorable in their own way. Having to choose only one, it would of course be exchanging the vows we wrote to each other. d