A NEW ERA - Spring 2017 Perfect Wedding Magazine PWSpring2017 - Page 48

B EAUTY Rebalancing and preserving the Skin Flora, the fourth layer of the skin is proven to maintain a healthy glow complexion, Dior Hydra Life range of 9 products, actively stimulates the skin flora with its concentrated formula of natural ingredients that create a fresh, healthy, luminous glow in the skin immediately after application. This luxurious range includes a deep hydration sorbet crème, facemasks, cleanser, make up remover and exfoliate powder. A complete beauty routine to get the radiant complexion needed for a perfect wedding portrait! Inspired in the lush flora and exotic colours of the dream destination: Fiji Collection by OPI offers 12 nail lacquers in Nail lacquer, Gel Colour and Infinite Shine in a diverse palette from blues, oranges, pinks and neutral nude hues fit for a Spring wedding look and carried on until the last days of Summer! Luxe skincare, makeup and scent you need. Formulated for the super active woman, Caudalíe has developed Vine(Activ) a range of 3 smart skincare products that strengthen the skin’s capacity for self-defense against external aggressions, every single day. Faithful to Caudalíe, its base formula: grape-seed polyphenols and spruce extract; Vitamin C and E are added creating the anti-cell burn-out complex. Contained in the Glow Activating Anti-wrinkle Serum, 3-in-1 Moisturizer and the Energizing Smoothing Eye Cream are easy to apply and travel with. With a balanced lifestyle and H[KX[[]B\[H][H[XY]HH]\\\Y[Y]HY]8&Y8&BX[ۈ[[X^[š[[\Y[\B\[H]Z[[Z^\H\X\[Hو^\[˜[[]KH[; \B[[ \]H\HKY\Z[&\\ YZ[BH]]HؙH\x&\XZ]\X[ۈ\HXB[][[[HHX]]HوHYZ[\˂HYHXXH[&\[[BXYH]X[H\H\[ B[[H[[]H[H\\K[܈YXX]Y\X\[X]Y\[[\X]]][ۚ^\\[ٛܛYY[HX]Y\Y; [\]BYܝوHY][[KH[H]X[H\[]Bو N[HY\]YY[ ]YܚY\ΈB\[[ۋ\X[[] 8'] TY\'HۙBHXX]YܞKHX]Y\X\[˜H[ܚX[\]ZY\ۂ۝X]H\BUT RUH܈]\HYK \XY[XY^[HH]\H [ M”\ۈ\[\Hݛ]]H\\[[ܸ&\œ\[YH\ܞN[[[H]\\Y]ܘ[[][X[\[\H\ˈ8'\ۈ\\B\X[\X[ ]\H[X[\ Y]]Yݙ\BY][Y\H\ˈ]X\[\\B[\˸'H H[\[XXK[܈\[YHܙX]܂0HHX]HYX[X[][ۈ\B\H[\XZH\ Y\HX]\][Bܛ\[\]ZY\ۈ۝X]H[H[HX[H[HH[]]MH\X][ۈ\[\K\]HHXۈYZ[[ܙZXY ][[HXH[B[Z[HZY\[[X[ [\ ][HXY[XZ\][\B][]]\]\H[H