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N EWS Necklace in platinum and 18k yellow gold with diamonds – Whispers of the Rainforest In the Tiffany Blue Book 2017 collection, imagination and creativity explode, lifting the beauty of the wild to fantastical places. Nature, in its grandest evolutions and in its most intricate designs, is the great inspiration for The Art of the Wild. The collection is composed of six themes: Whispers of the Rainforest; Miracle Berry; The Falls; Leaves of the Sun; Feathered Cloak; Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, whose intricate designs and narrative are drawn from the wonders of the wild. Tiffany artisans interpret this vision in magnificent jewels that underscore and unparalleled tradition of craftsmanship. 18 Perfect Wedding Magazine A New Era / Spring 2017 The wild has two edges, one of merciless force and one of magical healing. It can beat the earth with a thunderous rain- storm or gracefully brush the sky with a rainbow. The Art of the Wild is the vision of Tiffany’s talented design team, who traveled on an inspiration trip to a remote tropical island for an immersive journey through nature. With Whispers of the Rainforest, Tiffany channels the rest- lessness of nature and lightness of movement into something wearable. Inspired by a berry that magically transforms anything sour into sweet, the Miracle Berry designs are truly innovative in both colour and form.