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The leading jeweller started his artistic career at a very young age, as a sculptor. It was during this period of mastering this form of art that he met his wife and partner in design/business - Sybil.Together they have developed a world of luxurious jewellery. The defining statement that identifies David Yurman’s brand is the iconic ‘Cable’ design. Written by CLAUDIA TORRES What initiated your iconic ‘Cable’ design? I was creating new form and a friend at a trade show told me “David, you are making too much jewellery, you have to stand for something. You need to be well known for something”, she said as she was choosing from the pieces of jew- ellery I had at the exhibition. So I started working on it. I had a woven metal mesh and I had the idea to put the mesh over hydraulic tubing, so I thought ‘if I can find a machine that can make this, a ma- chine that I could retrofit to use gold strands and make tubular shapes, then I can fabricate them’...I was sold that it was the way to do it. We made several pieces, and then I took wires and twisted them. I thought it was another form we could focus on. I was all for the mesh and I have found the machine that could produce it! Then the weirdest thing happened... there was a hurricane and two tornados that took the roof off the factory where these machines were, destroying them all... then I just said, ‘I guess we will do the Cable!’ Sybil, my wife, thought we should do the Cable since the beginning and that it was the form we need to focus on. Once again, Sybil was right (laughs). She though it was a form that has flexibility and we could make statement bracelets and necklaces. What is your creative process behind every collection? Design is collaborative, our team stays connected to the whole process. The artists, all of us, the whole house is in- volved: I direct, Sybil (my wife) critics, some of her critics are very challenging to change on it, some are just little glimpses, Evan (my son) looks at the overall process. Our process of design is a democracy! Photo: Patrick Demarchelier What would you recom- mend to a bride when looking into getting her bridal jewellery? I would suggest go shop- ping with your best friends or your Mom. You want to go to the store, live the experience of trying the pieces. Consider what is your personal taste, the look of your dress and identify what really makes you feel it is the piece of jewellery for you! Your advice on marriage, how to suc- ceed on both a personal and profes- sional level when you work with your spouse? It is not easy, it really isn’t, but I can tell you it is much more rewarding (working and living together). It doesn’t work to have the attitude ‘it is my way or the highway’. It is all about balance. There is no perfect marriage. In our experience we like each other, we have respect for each other. Communicate! We share our money, everything. We share points of view, we don’t always agree. Sharing is important, it’s not that you are equal, it’s about being respectful and respect your individual moment. I learned when I studied ‘Family in Business’, Structure is your friend and Communication is your best friend. Same in marriage, structure is important. Establish rules. Communi- cate a lot, set what the boundaries are. We are not great for that! (He laughs…) We overlap too much on who does what… We give freedom to each other, we collaborate in just about everything, and we don’t have a clear separation. Together we make one smart person. d perfect wedding magazine.com 17