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C ONTRIBUTORS Vincenzo Dascanio launched & directed Armani Flowers for five years before identify- ing with a new, fresh Victorian Style which drove him to the successful company of Louis Vuitton, Tom Ford, Cartier, Rolex, Bulgari, Piaget, Montblanc, Chopard, Piazza Sempi- one, all having relied on his creativity to make their events, boutiques and showrooms even more exclusive. www.vincenzodascanio.com Aliana Events is a full production and event design company based in Los Angeles, travelling to various destinations to create haute, luxurious atmospheres. Inspired by runway fashion and couture, Aliana Rubins and the AE Team has a meticulous eye for detail, crafting a unique design for each project so that no two events are the same. www.alianaevents.com Born and raised in New Zealand but having lived half her life in Asia, Jeanette Skelton established and ran successful businesses in Hong Kong. She was drawn to the beautiful island of Phuket in 2005 and fell in love with its laid back, stylish way of life. She considered Phuket the perfect venue for events and weddings and so Luxury Events Phuket was born and has thrived since its inception. www.luxuryeventsphuket.com The founder of Savvy Event Studio is Juliana Calvo, a Miamian, hailing from Colombia. With a love for travel, impeccable taste and an eye for quality, Juliana decided to combine her interests and strengths to form Savvy after working for Estée Lauder Companies and overseeing/producing events for top brands such as Bobbi Brown, Crème de La Mer and Jo Malone. It was then she discovered her true passion for event planning. Juliana’s specialty developed into creating top-notch events catered to high-profile individuals. www.savvyeventstudio.com Gifted with a natural sense of grace, and a passion f "7&VFrB6VV'&Fr&VWG"6ƖFRfVFW"bFRWW'vVFFr&WFVR6&W6VWfVG20v266FW&VBW'6VbG'VR6FVbFPv&BVFƖwVBVF7VGW&6Rv0&&&vFBB&6VBWW&R@FR֖FFRV7BFF6R62GV&FPR2BFǒRW"FW6&RFPVRBF7G'VVF&RrFV6v2RbFRG&fpf&6W2FBVBW"WBb&涖rBFFRvFW&gVv&BbvVFFw2wwr6&W6VPW6W6fRFǒvVFFw22gV6W'f6PvVFFrr6&6VBFǒ7V6ƗVBFR7&VFB6&FFbWW&W2FW7FFvVFFw2f"&PFFV6FRW&g&BW"FV&VvVBf"&VrrFR7@WW&V6VB&VƖ&RBFVFVBvVFFp&fW762FǒfRvVBWBЧ7FFr&WWFFvFFV"&GV7F2wwrW6W6fVFǗvVFFw26ФƖ6&B2vVB&V6vFf"0v&BvrFW&Ɨ6B7&VFfPƖvFrWW'F6RB2v&2&VVfVGW&VBVW&W2vW2&w2@VFF&V&Ɩ6F2RW6W2FW6R&fW2Ч6Fw&62F6BvVFFw07&72FRv&N( 27Bv&W26F2vFFw&W"7F6`7FvW'wwrƖ6&B6У W&fV7BvVFFrvRWrW&7&r#