A NEW ERA - Spring 2017 Perfect Wedding Magazine PWSpring2017 - Page 132

T RAVEL The Floating Gardens of Xochimilco are located in the San Cristóbal area, in close proximity to the Museo Dolores Olmedo. A fun and colourful way to spend an afternoon, floating down canals that where originally constructed by the Aztecs, on small barges known as trajineras. These boats are made to provide occupancy for large groups so make sure to bring a few friends…or more. A long table runs down the mid- dle of the craft, with chairs of both sides. Bring your own food and drink or pur- chase from the many vendors that pass by on the water. The shores are lined with colourful floral nurseries and an array of pottery shops. There are even floating mariachi bands that will board your boat and serenade your w&Wf FgVbW623W&fV7BvVFFrvRWrW&7&r#