A NEW ERA - Spring 2017 Perfect Wedding Magazine PWSpring2017 - Page 128

T RAVEL M EXICO C ITY: EL CORAZÓN DEL MUNDO Written & Photographed by GORDON S. COOPER A religious and culturally significant place, where the mysteries of an ancient past meld with local traditions and the unconventional, the capitol city of Mexico envelopes a distinct future through modern design and technological advancements – this is Mexico City (CDMX). Premium air transportation to CDMX is available through AeroMexico, with their main global hub being Mexico City. A fleet of new top-quality jets, complimentary in-flight services including food and beverages (alcoholic and non- a XHXZHY\Y^XH\XXH܈][\[\[[[\[][ۜ˂L\XY[XY^[HH]\H [ M“]Y \ܝX\وY]][Y^X]KۙHقH\\^\\Y\H[ZXX[\[ZYوH[[[ۋ[H\[[Z[[][Y[Y[Bۜ\][ۈ\XKH]H\Y\Y\H8&\XHقH&KHH]\][HHZX] \XZ[^XYX[ZXHܙX][ۈ^]]\HZY\[[ZXX[H]H\ۜXY\[ L \H[HوHY]B]Y\[X][H LK [X][ˈH]H\X[BۙY\[ MLQ ]][H[X][ۈ\K^K]\[H[\]Y\Y[X[]H[Y^X