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Above: A view of part of the outdoor cafe that sits along the main walkway in Disney Springs, at the Splitsville Luxury Lanes bowling venue. Below: One of the many signature beverages served at Splitsville Luxury Lanes. Also, crab and avocado sushi and bean-cob salad. Splitsville Luxury Lanes is an upscale bowling and dining complex in Disney Springs. Who would have thought wine, sushi and bowling would go together so well! This two-story 50,000 square foot space is redefining the modern bowling experience with space that is large but broken up by a variety of bars, an out- door patio with live music and laneside tables. Complete with Social Directors that will help you get the ball rolling (par- don the pun ), Splitsville is the perfect place to be for Stag or Stagette parties for an event that is anything but typical. Hand rolled sushi, seafood, burgers, ap- pies, fabulous cosmopolitans and more. You’re sure to leave with great memories and a full, happy belly! The entertainment highlight at Disney Springs is Cirque du Soleil’s resident show - La Nouba. This 90-minute night- time spectacular is made up of a stunning international cast, more than 65 artists representing 15 countries, performing acts of incredible strength and breathtaking beauty. The show’s name, La Nouba, comes from the French phrase “faire la nouba,” which literally means ‘to live it up’. The two main char- acters, the clowns that are sometimes friends and sometimes enemies, ‘The Pablos’ engage the audience with their hilarious antics both prior to the show start and during scene changes of this ethereal world where dreams and night- mares intertwine. The custom-designed, ‘state of the art’ venue, ‘Le Theåtre’, was built specifically for the La Nouba show. After 19 years, over 8500 performances and 46,000 balloons and countless flips and spins, La Nouba will be performing its last show on December 31, 2017. Above: Pablo and Pablo from Cirque du Soleil’s La Nouba in Disney Springs are always finding ways to party and play ‘break the pinata’! Below: Fried Chicken Sandwich from Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’ restaurant at Disney Springs HZ[Z[^x&\\ۘ[Y[[[\و\ۈ\]KB[[X]HY\Z]XY˜XܚYH[\Z]8&\’YXZ[&KH]\\[H[[™\X\Y[]\ۙ^H[˂Y[\[܈Y]وY\Z]8&\YXZ[&B\]\[ [ΈY\Z]8&\[[\[[Z[B\ZH\Y]YKBXYH[[HXHܙX[K\XY[XY^[KBLN