A NEW ERA - Spring 2017 Perfect Wedding Magazine PWSpring2017 - Page 113

the afternoon I head to my Spa appoint- ment. While waiting for the therapist in the relaxation room I enjoyed a glass of water infused with fresh fruits and I flip through some selected luxury maga- zines. I loved the concept that while one is at Condado Vanderbilt Hotel you have access to Wi-Fi except at the Spa! This makes the experience even more enjoyable because everyone is discon- nected from all devices and social media channels. Combined with the fitness center, The Spa at Condado Vanderbilt is a luxury 10,000 sq ft space and offers a private hammam, the only one avail- able in Puerto Rico. The service by the professional massage therapist is excel- lent, a perfect way to distress from the voyage. One can arrange through the butler other activities in the fitness center, like a private salsa class or yoga, or outside tours to visit the island’s tourist attractions. That night I was ready for the welcome dinner, set comfortably in a casual family-style environment at the private beach of the upscale hotel. This is an ideal setting for a rehearsal dinner or romantic honeymoon dining experience. The ambience was very relaxed, roman- tic Caribbean music played in the background, performed by a local trio band. I must mention that the décor for the occasion was total eye-candy! Condado Vanderbilt Hotel collaborates with a top décor and event company, Akua Event Design in Puerto Rico. Every detail was simply exquisite. The dinner was exceptional with seafood done bbq- style and some typical dishes from the island. I went back to my suite to rest for the night, so impressed by the quality of service, the attention to every detail for their event planning expertise. Upon entering I discovered, in the living room of my modern and very sleek suite, sitting on the table was a mini couture cake and a bottle of champagne, just when I thought it was a magnificent first day of experiencing the Vanderbilt life, just the way it was. This was one more pleasant and very appreciated surprise to finish off the night! perfect wedding magazine.com 111