A Level English Lang and Lit Othello - Page 16

This exchange in the final moments of the play are designed to portray how little Desdemona’s character has changed since she was met for the first time in Act 1 Scene 3 when she was portrayed as headstrong, loyal, innocent and in love. The shock for the audience come sin the unwavering nature of Othello’s actions and words in response to her pleas; overcome by the jealous rage that Iago has brought about. The audience perceive the death of Desdemona to be unnecessary yet perhaps can’t help but think that if she had not protested her innocence too much, perhaps events could have been different. It is her naive loyalty towards Othello that ultimately, brings about her death.

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Writing Introductions

- State where it comes from in the play, what is happening and who is involved.

- dialogue/monologue/soliloquy

- blank verse/verse/prose

Writing Conclusions

- (insert character/theme) is portrayed as (add description)

- This is far removed from his/her behaviour (its presentation) in (choesn one other scene) where he/she/it was seen as (add description)

- Ultimately, this dialogue is necessary because (connect to its importance to the play as a whole)