A Community of Saints 2018 Community Perspective 2018 - Page 14

SaintsPlay In 2018, the Saints further strengthened their commitment to helping all children play Australian Rules Football, including those who face developmental challenges such as autism, learning difficulties or ADHD. SaintsPlay creates a stepping stone for children aged 5-13 who might not yet feel confident enough to join a local club. SaintsPlay centres were set up at our two elite football facilities – RSEA Park, Moorabbin and Linen House Centre, Seaford. Over six weeks, 38 children were given the opportunity to try their hand at football, whilst local Auskick coaches received training on inclusive coaching practices. Following the success of the SaintsPlay pilot program, we plan on expanding the program to deliver more SaintsPlay Centres in our Bayside region multiple times a year, with RSEA Park and Linen House Centre becoming inclusive coaching incubators for Auskick coordinators. Our role is to help local sporting clubs open their doors and invite everybody in.” MATT FINNIS CEO, St Kilda Football Club 14