Mass Comm(unity)

To win the race against the evolution of media, local media outlets in attendance at the Career and Graduate Fair on Oct. 18 preached that learning goes beyond the classroom and young professionals emerging in the workforce must have creativity, H[LELOLW\ DQG KRQHVW\ Paul McNeill, national sales manager for Clear Channel Communications said that he is looking for mass communication majors with layout and GHVLJQ H[SHULHQFH 0F1HLOO says Clear Channel is a broad based communication business in radio and Internet. Our primary purpose is to develop and deliver compelling content that people want to hear and are interested in. When asked what would make a mass communication student stand out, he replied with one word, creativity. Really, I think you can develop any kind of skill, but creativity is what is needed so you can come in, look at a scenario, and say yeah, this is a potential solution, or come up with a way to communicate something more successfully. McNeill says that the most important thing a mass communication major can provide to stand out from the crowd is an impressive portfolio. When reviewing a portfolio, he looks at the different ways a student H[SDQGV DQ LGHD WR PDNH LW stand out. Asheville Radio Group also participated in the fair. Nikki Mitchell and Jordan Coppinger, the promotions director and promotions assistant, both stake claims in the ability of an intern or employee to change based on different VFHQDULRV DQG WR EH H[LEOH to change. Sometimes, in this industry, you need to be able to change on a dime, said Mitchell. When asked what makes a mass communication student stand out, they replied unanimously: A recommendation from Patricia Baldwin. Sensible City Inc., a FRPPXQLFDWLRQV UP specializes in press relations, social media, outreach, and general communications for several nationally based educational technology UPV Katie Cleary, responsible for outreach and events, said that values play a large UROH LQ WKHLU RIFH OLIH DQG structure. Respect, courageous honesty, accountability, and a community-oriented view of the world are all things that we value. We also need the kind of person who says I dont care what you throw at me. Ill learn how to do it! Knowledge of Wordpress, Final Cut and Motion for video concentrations, social media such as Facebook and Twitter, and the ability to write a good press release will all give you a step up in their industry. Cleary said, Its important to know social media and understand VWUDWHJ\ DQG PDWUL[ DV IDU DV PHDVXULQJ LQXHQFH within an area. As for press releases, were looking for someone who can write a really good one, not MXVW OOLQWKHEODQN ZLWK information, but something to really get a reporter H[FLWHG DERXW mass comm (unity) November 3, 2011 Issue 2 Local Business Leaders Provide Insight into the Working World Nikki Mitchell and Jordan Coppinger of Asheville Radio Group