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Not Earlier Witnessed Aspiring Generation Encyclopedia, Distinctly Introducing Certain Teaching Information Only Now Advocated; Realistic Yardstick :BACRONYMS ................................................................. BD Bhargav Creator & Author of Bacronyms ave you ever wondered that words like ear, but, best can have acronyms explaining its usual meaning. EAR: Earliest Audio Receiver. BUT: Better Understand That. BEST: By Every Standard Tops. B.D. Bhargav, 80 years old living in Agra creator of the book “Bacronyms”, treats the English Dictionary Words as if they are acronyms and expands them to form a phrase, each word of the phrase starting with a letter from the original word, in sequence. The phrase yields dictionary meaning of the word or its common usage meaning. He also call them as “Subtle Words Cocktail and Scholars Plaything”. “I was reading the book ‘Crazy English’ by Richard Ledrer and he mentioned the word Bacronym by mentioning the word DIET and writing Dare I Eat This. He didn't elaborate any further. This set me thinking and wondering whether it would be not possible to treat our common words as acronyms?,” Bhargav said. He started coining these words in 1996 and he has made 4000 Bacronyms word that were taken from Oxford Dictionary. Bhargav has been first published in Thane Plus of Times Of India. They were also published in Senior Magazine of Sacramento, California, USA., Sunday Times of Johanessburg, South Africa and Media Spectrum, a Fortnightly News Magazine of Janakpuri, New Delhi. With this new age dictionary, Bhargav adds “If young readers, particularly, decide to go into forming Bacronyms, it will increase their interest in the English Language and expand their vocabulary. As one word has, very often, more than one meaning and there are number of words with similar meaning there is plenty of scope for innovation. They can form Bacronyms totally different from what I have formed” Here are some of the Bacronyms from Bhargav’s collectionEASY - Effortless And Simple, Yea NEW - Never Ever Witnessed DREAMS - Daringly Realistic Experiences Amidst Mystique Scenes Learn more about Bhargava’s Bacronyms at H 41