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6 Mike Ashley: Dementor! Another transfer window bringing another patient wait to see when the inevitable trapdoor opens and a star player That is the sad reality that hangs around the city as the club plays out the charade of words that are designed to smokescreen what most supporters believe to be contemptuous lies uttered from a cesspit build around the despair that Mike Ashley has nurtured in his near 7 years at the club. But Kinnear and Pardew are mere acolytes. The real source of that anger, disbelief and mistrust comes entirely from the actions or non-actions of the owner. As belligerent a recluse as anyone can possibly imagine, he is an owner with no heart for the Club; no passion, no belief, no dreams. He is an owner devoid of any sense of responsibility towards anything or anyone other than himself and his actions and inactions concerning Newcastle United at key moments defy l