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BEGINNING TO SEE THE LIGHT 8 If I’m being completely frank about my response to recent events, the death of Lou Reed was actually the worst thing about Sunday 27th October 2013. As Lou changed my life forever from the very first time I heard the opening bars of Waiting for the Man by The Velvet Underground when I was aged about 14, I can’t even pretend that the poisonous, malign influence of Mike Ashley on Newcastle United and its supporters caused me to feel this way, by effectively downgrading our defeat to the Mackems to the status of a minor irritation and no longer allowing me to regard such a happenstance as a tragedy of enormous proportions. Remember, music never lets you down; football always does. Let’s be honest, only Keegan’s Entertainers or Bobby Robson’s 2001 to 2003 side could come anywhere near the first four Velvets albums in terms of sheer, hairs standing up on the back of your neck, pleasure. Shola Ameobi stumbling over the ball or What Goes On from Live 69? Cisse being caught offside or White Light / White Heat? No contest… I didn’t see the Mackem game; in fact, I hadn’t seen a single Newcastle United fixture either live or on television, other than on highlights programmes, including the Fulham game where I won a pair of tickets and palmed them off on my son, at all this season, before I took myself off to St. James’ Park for the Man City cup tie. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not actually boycotting the club, as I’d always intended to make the Stoke City game on Boxing Day a must attend match, but I had found so many better things to do with my time, including watching 31 Northern League games up to and including October 26th. The vagaries of H