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LA WRAITH’S RANT Welcome to Issue 1 of the very as an assistant only served to fuel 05 player and pay the going rate. Let’s A defeat againstfirst online Newcastle United back to his old self and we are reaping we get a few players in andthe trust needs is Sunderland What the speculation. One things for sure hope Fanzine #9 named after one ofthe benefitexpect Joe to keep his vow I don’t with him and Cabaye a retain what we have before thenew committee, a followed by back to back wins new blood, a for long. I’m expecting window slams over two teams the most famous shirtsthe the match for anyone November 5th! I don’t positive shut. over the summer who care expected to be in likes of of silence before on their day. new start and people clubs history worn by fireworks One note there or there about inMilburn, Gallacher, and the chase know what Pardewin a team that done the club communicating with has said or more about NUFC than being in Shearer, Failure to invest is for honours thisof course Supermac who we are he seems to havelast season a bit NUFC Fans United the Fans Coalition Television. I season and two but qualified for Europe restored of the newspapers or delighted to have as good solid home wins.columnists. one of our Typical unity almostpride back in the home established 18 months ago few of you saying pot and saw us lose our Premiermake the remit of can hear a with regular League status. Surely we won’t communicating with Newcastle United! So where you a mix of dressingsame mistake this time? The calling kettle but We aim to bring the room at St James Park. He club. With the help of Head of I have always the articles season events exactly are we at this on current eh? at St James departures ofit and make sure thePR Wendy Taylor and self Liaison needs to bottle Perch and Simpson been a Fans publicist and have a have saddened DespitePark and takehistory. back at our players all take ame. Perch was of it OfficerhaveMarshall denied it. However with the lackofof look Each issue good drink club issues Lee been raised, tackled never important mixed bag ridiculed in his early days at the spending in the summeratransfer and I am before we play to earn the respect of fans Chairman Steve will have guest editor but managed Sunderland in 2014! addressed andgroups you need to work and delighted to be sharing Hastie has been invited to sitthe greater good and window it appears that the club my maiden together for on voyage with Columbian genius Tino the newly established fans forum. have gambled again and come up an in forget your egos Asprilla. Also in this issue I wish the forum the very best of and own agendas. trumps. There is depth interview with Darren Jackson no doubt that the It’s something many of our fans luck. Enjoy the read and if you want SOMETIMES%YOU%DO%NEED% to contribute for the next do. It’s why signing of Remyand some forthright views on the on loan has been just can’t issue or TO%TAKE%A%GAMBLE%ON%A% summer circus that has once again advertise then please drop us a line. a masterstroke and he has scoredclub. #time4change was always doomed PLAYER%AND%PAY%THE%GOING% engulfed our beloved some great goals, The summer has been one of indeed match to fail despite Graeme Cansdales’ RATE.%LET’S%HOPE%WE%GET%A% discontent for me and winning goals and has given our many other best efforts. FEW%PLAYERS%IN%AND%RETAIN% Newcastle fans. If there is one thing powder puff forward line a bit down it is our A lot of water has gone under the WHAT%WE%HAVE%BEFORE%THE% that really gets me of me with the up and club being on not seen bridge between me and some of WINDOW%SLAMS%SHUT. ers each time I visitpace and bite that we have the front and back pages for all of the hope is that we cansince Demba Ba’s departure. wrong reasons the other fanzine editors and I was and the return of Joe Kinnear gave the fans and was awarded cult hero xt Alan Shearer at Cisse really has lost it, chance to stick status. A man for all positions and prepared to wave the white flag in the southern press a e goes onto play for the knife into us never one to shirk a fair challenge whatever it is? He arrived on once again. His the summer and sit down with club. Never say never. much publicised radio rant he will be sorely missed. Simpson our season going? Tyneside and took the Premiership was all them to work together. They the ammunition they needed to point not the greatest full back in the one to call. The stage by storm but theseand belly laugh at those smirked, tished, an