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MEETING MINUTES MEETING AGENDA 7th December 2013 FAO: Lee Marshall 10. CRUSH AT SUNDERLAND FIXTURE NUFC FansSupporter Liaison Officerserious problems caused by congestion at the Metro NUFC Utd have been made aware by a number of fans of stations and at the turnstiles before the away game at Sunderland. There were reports of Metros arriving with more fans before fans who had arrived on previous trains had been allowed to clear the station. Others reported crushes at turnstiles that wouldn’t operate; resulting in people falling over, and those crushed against the turnstiles suffering Dear Lee from breathing difficulties while stewards panicked and were unsure of what to do. Many fans were unable to take their seats until 25 minutes after kick off. NUFC Fans Utd are currently asking for those who witnessed or were caught up in the next Fans’ Forumtheir experiences which will then be taken up with the club. With the incidents to contact us with taking place on 16th December we feel it is important to state our position concerning the forum raised whole and the need for a continuation of the League Cup. They Division 92 as aconcerns about the stewarding at the recent home game against Man City inthe open and honest club themselves about was a feature of the of what Forum had spoken with thedialogue that issues such as standing and clarificationfirstthey can and can’t do. They feel they have abided by this advice, but that theso given the events that meeting. This is particularly club are not delivering on promises made and that the stewards are going against what the club have told them. transpired after this first meeting and which resulted in the club imposing a ban on Newcastle United Supporters’ Trust 12. NEXT MEETING (NUST) attending future meetings. We hope that the next NUFC Fans Utd meeting can be arranged ahead of the NUFC Fans’ Forum meeting on 11. STEWARDING December 16. However, due to the busy Christmas period it may not be possible. Confirmation will be made through the usual channels The Fans’ Forum is a huge step forward for everyone and the way in which NUFC have embraced the concept has been extremely well received by those who see the benefit of communication in whatever form.  4 We understand the concept of the meetings and fully appreciate that there has to be huge elements of trust on both sides. Invited members, the organisations or groups they represent and the Club itself must work together to ensure the success of this concept of open and honest dialogue that best serves the interests of supporters and club alike. However, we also feel that the club's imposition of a 'ban' on NUST does not serve in the best interests of either party and we call upon the Club to review their decision and re instate the Supporters’ T rust so that it can participate positively and in the interests of the club and its own members alike. This forum can be an exciting step forward for us supporters and we are in no doubt that it has to be good news for NUFC. We look forward to all likeminded supporters groups and representatives being part of this progressive and positive engagement.  Yours NUFC FANS UTD NUFC Fans United | http://www.nufcfansutd.com NUFC Fans United | http://www.nufcfansutd.com Join us on Twitter @NUFCFansUtd | #fansutd | nufcfansutd@gmail.com Join us on Twitter @NUFCFansUtd | #fansutd | nufcfansutd@gmail.com www.nufcfansutd.com www.facebook.com/nufcfansutd www.twitter.com/nufcfansutd