#9 v2 - Page 34

34 HINDSIGHT Words by Barry J. Hindmarch Hersh Shefrin says in Finance and the Psychology of Investing, “Reality looks much more obvious in hindsight than in foresight.” I quite agree, Hersh old chap! News has filtered through this week that Joe Kinnear tried to sign the lesser known of the three Toure brothers in the summer. JFK repeatedly tried to contact YoYo Toure, only to find that he had gone out, then came back, then walked the dog, then came back, then gone round the world, then came back, then rocked the baby………… Of course, our Director of F***all has received a lot of criticism for the lack of players acquired in the summer. To be fair to Jackass Joe, he scoured Europe looking for bargains. Unfortunately the parts of Europe he scoured were mainly beaches, night clubs, private yachts and Duty Free shops – where he did get two bottles of gin for the price of one and some cut price Regal King Size! Bargain!! Down the road at the Stadium of Plight, The Mussolini of Mackemland, The Fascist of Fulwell, The Muddy-kneed Moron, Paolo Di Caniwho has been sacked after a mere 13 games in charge, and two wins. He actually signed more players, 14, than he had games in charge, which has got to be some kind of record, and he successfully put the club back where it belongs – heading straight towards the Fizzy Pop League. Fans now are calling for Ball to save their season – no, not Kevin Ball, but local hero Beach Ball, who scored the winner against Liverpool a couple of years ago. Mr B Ball was last seen drifting out to sea near Benidorm. It was great to see Newcastle and Leeds fans united in their appreciation of the late Gary Speed at the recent Capital One Cup game. The untimely death of Speed shows that while we as fans may think of many footballers as overpaid prima donnas, we don’t always realise that they are still subject to the same pressures in life that the rest of us have. Recently we have heard how former United star Keith Gillespie blew £7m gambling, Kenny Samson, winner of 86 caps for England is an alcoholic sleeping on the street and barely a week goes by without a new story about wayward genius Paul Gascoigne. While we can easily point fingers and say these men have nothing to worry about, fame and fortune comes with its own pressures, and we forget that footballers are still just young men with people suddenly telling them that they are the centre of the universe. It could be quite easy to start believing this when people are throwing money at you and idolising you. Yes, some of these players (Nile Ranger for instance), seem to just be morons who don’t get quite how lucky they are, but even the world’s top players, (George Best for example), don’t appear to get the support and guidance they need as young lads in the goldfish bowl of pro football. Photo: Davey Brown