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MARCH AGAINST THE REGIME HAD NUMEROUS RAMIFICATIONS WORDS BY PETER MANN DONE WITH JUST REASONING THE FAMED TOON ARMY TOOK THE STREETS OF NEWCASTLE IN THE HOURS BUILDING UP TO THE MATCH WITH MERSEYSIDE GIANTS, LIVERPOOL. THE DATE FOR THIS TIME4CHANGE MARCH WAS THAT OF OCTOBER 19TH. THE REASON FOR IT WAS TO SHOW OWNER MIKE ASHLEY AND THE CLUB HIERARCHY THAT THE SUPPORTERS WOULD TAKE NO MORE. In a statement from the organisers prior to the march being held they stated that this event would be “a good humoured march attended by caring, sensible fans who want to express their hope in a brighter future. We not only want to call time on the Ashley regime but make it known to the wider, football world that we want responsible ownership where the fan base can be respected and consulted.” Fair and just words when you bear in mind how the so called ‘Cockney Mafia’ has ran our beloved club since Mike Ashley gained ownership some six years ago. Nothing has gone smoothly, on or off the field the play, and the buck has to be firmly planted at the door of those in power. 20 The statement continued in stating of the marches proceedings that “we can only do that by behaving responsibly and by policing ourselves so that others can see we are worth investing in. “If you’re happy with the way the club is being run, managed and funded then stay at home and don’t march; if you’re not happy, show you want better and march.” In accordance with local authorities, Northumbria Police and Newcastle City Council, protesters took to the streets of Newcastle in order to make a visible protest against the present regime and a need for change at the club that have been well-rehearsed across all media formats for too long now. However, there was reasons that the Liverpool fixture was also chosen and they were that there was the significance of the opponents being such a hig