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It Could Be Worse Barry J. Hindmarch A lot can change in a short time in football. Two games into the current campaign saw us with only one point and no goals scored. Already fans were calling for Pardew’s head, (or continuing that call from last season), and the doom merchants had us marked down for relegation. Even the Mackems were laughing at us. Two games and two wins later though, and we are (at the time of writing), only three points behind unbeaten league leaders Liverpool. Now, don’t get me wrong, and think I believe we will be this close to the top after 38 games, but the thing is, let’s not be too hasty to chop and change. OK, Alan Pardew may not be the greatest manager ever, he may not always get it tactically correct, and sometimes may not have a Plan B when we need it, but what are the alternatives? Let’s be honest, if AP walked, or was pushed, out the door today, who ݽձ