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result we were invited to submit more substantive plans for consideration. The momentum was now there and the desire to do something was growing by the day. Budget constraints meant the council would not be able to provide financial support but that did not deter anyone. Indeed, it simply focused those now involved, with Steve Wraith and Graeme Cansdale offering to provide financial support should it be needed. The proposition was to erect the gates on Strawberry Place; presenting them as a focal feature within the footprint of a proposed “St James’ Town”; becoming part of the city heritage trail and close enough to the ground to cause maximum wind up. Yes, we wanted to get under the clubs skin; wanted the St James’ Park name back up and prominent and I remember a un-seasonally hot March day as we accompanied Stephen Savage from the city council on a survey of various locations. Possible sites included directly opposite Shearer’s Bar; to the west of the Strawberry Pub and Sir John Hall’s preferred choice opposite Shark Bar at the end of St James’ Boulevard. The only issue encountered was who owned the land in those locations and land searches conducted by the planning team determined that permission would be needed on virtually all counts from Newcastle United’s owner! It took a while but eventually Sir John was able to take these matters up directly with the club but to say that the response was not positive would be an understatement. That avenue seemed closed so we plodded on with the Council and members of the Magpie Group seeking solutions and resolution. Graeme Cansdale did excellent work helping to put together a very reasonable quote from a local company; supporters willing to uplift and refurbish the gates at cost price and advise on all aspects of their re-siting. We made it our aim that these Gates would be erected with or without the club’s backing. The turning points came however when Lee Marshall was appointed Fans Liaison Officer and we met with Jon Irving, the club’s Finance Director. This provided us an opportunity to pitch our case directly to the club. We left that meeting in a positive frame of mind and the club subse- FROM... 28 27 HOWAY THE  NADS Former Newcastle United owner Sir John Hall, stands with one of the former gates from St. James’’ Park quently removed their objections although as yet, no tacit approval was forthcoming. Then came the breakthrough; Wonga were announced as club sponsors and the St Jame