#9 v1 - Page 16

16 A  SKY  FREE      ZONE Welcome …you are now entering a sky free zone… no breaking news yellow bar will flash across this page telling you that someone you’ve never heard of has just crimped his eyebrows or some other ‘exclusive’ shite.. you may agree, you may disagree…these are just my (mostly)lighthearted views on whatever I think may strike a chord with you…I hope you enjoy my loan period and if I play well then who knows? Joe might get on the phone and get a permanent deal done for me….i obviously won’t be holding my breath !! HANGING  ON  THE   TELEPHONE So let’s start with papa Joe and his crazy brain…. Penning this piece almost 8 weeks since he claimed to be able to speak to all the world leaders or something similar on talksport we are still waiting for him to get his new mobile phone sorted out it appears. I really do think he was shown to his office at SJP and he looked in and thought “what a lovely room” and he sat down at his desk rested his big round head on it and fell into a deep sleep where he is still snoring now and dreaming of his magical contacts book. He will be woken up on transfer deadline day all fr