66 Magazine Issue 4 Summer 2018 - Page 83

“Even bread can be baked in a steam oven and attain a lovely crust; commercial bakers have been using steam in their ovens for decades,” Lauren says. “While standard cooktops give you no control over the temperature of steam, a steam oven’s temperature can be regulated between around 30°C and 100°C, in order to cook items more gently if needed. They also come into their own when reheating leftovers or a pre-prepared meal.” Lauren says families with steam ovens will usually do away with rice cookers too. With more moisture inside the oven, rice, she says, becomes almost fool-proof to prepare. This is bespoke ‘cooking theatre’ at its best; and it’s this sort of information that Lauren and other Kitchen Things cooking tutors around the country impart to a ready audience. The classes can be formatted as one-on-one tutorials, or as evenings for several participants. As far as a sublime location for these tutorials go, the flagship Kitchen Things Luxury Collection store in Morrow Street, Newmarket is perfect; the entire showroom is formatted around a series of high-end kitchen templates, with entire appliance ranges on offer from a variety of premium brands. Even the tableware on display is available to be purchased, showcasing the latest trends in cooktops and cutlery alike. Tutorials run in other locations around the country too, however, with classes also available in Tauranga, Napier, the Kapiti Coast, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin and in two additional Auckland stores, in Westgate and Mount Wellington. Classes are generally one-and-a-half hours in Far left Lauren Bavin, cooking tutor extraordinaire for Kitchen Things, and a big advocate for new culinary technology. Left A fresh fruit compote and accompanying custard, all cooked to perfection with the help of steam. Below Premium steam oven technology ensures more dishes can be cooked within the same space, but without the risk of odour or flavour transference.