66 Magazine Issue 4 Summer 2018 - Page 33

Cloud-based telephony to help you win big in business. At Digital Island we know how important it is to get communication right. Which is where our Telepo, smart cloud-based phone system technology and expertise comes in. Our desktop, tablet and mobile apps deliver consistent communication and a collaborative experience, keeping your team and customers connected so they can talk, share, meet and collaborate. Where ever they are. With the flexibility to scale, unrivalled customer service and the latest technology at your fingertips, you will feel confident knowing Digital Island has you covered so you can focus on winning big in business and living life to the full. Call us now on 0800 919 010 to discuss how we can help you accelerate to the cloud and get your business winning, where ever you are. digitalisland.co.nz/66 Cloud PBX, Mobile and Internet. Sorted