66 Magazine Issue 4 Summer 2018 - Page 13

What began with a sparkā€¦ emerges as an icon. The difference is Gaggenau. Available at Kitchen Things. Experience Gaggenau in our interactive displays located in Newmarket - Botany (Auckland) - Tauranga - Wellington - Nelson - Moorehouse (Christchurch) - Dunedin Visit kitchenthings.co.nz We have been perfecting one oven for 30 years. Our latest rendition accentuates its distinctive design: the door panel is now created from one imposing 90cm wide sheet of 3mm high-grade stainless steel. It represents one vast entrance to culinary potential. This remodelled, hand-crafted work of art represents the culmination of our finest principles, skills and ethos. We christened it the EB 333 in recognition of our 333 years of working in metal. This has always been more than an oven; it is a promise to create masterpieces. For more information, please visit www.gaggenau.co.nz