66 Magazine Issue 4 Summer 2018 - Page 101

as opposed to being a lower-slung part of it. But the body-roll you might be anticipating simply isn’t there. It’s genuinely impressive. And, as you’d hope, it’s supremely comfortable on the commute as well. The Amarok’s turbo-diesel V6 has done duty in other Volkswagen Group fare in the past, including the Audi Q7, Porsche Cayenne and Volkswagen Touareg. With a distinct passenger vehicle past, it perhaps comes as little surprise that this is one refined diesel. It’s never raucous – even when cold – and thrums away in the background at cruising speeds. Volkswagen claims a zero to 100km/h sprint time of 7.3 seconds… because it’s 2018 and zero-to-one hundred times are an important stat for a ute these days. The full wallop of the Amarok’s 580Nm torque figure is available from just 1250rpm. Handy for hauling and hill-climbing alike. As something of a counterpoint to the Holden Colorado Z71 Xtreme, Volkswagen has stayed true to form with their halo V6 ute; it’s understated in the extreme. A red ‘580’ badge on the tailgate aside, there is little to denote this is a Volkswagen ute quite unlike any other. I like that. There’s nothing like a sleeper to surprise when hitting the gas at the traffic lights. Or, as it happens, when racing up a closed road against the clock. 66 MagAzine SUMMER 2018 99