66 Magazine Issue 3 Spring 2018 - Page 96

Above A nose-lifter is standard on the 720S to assist with menacing concrete curbing and judder bars Right Ducts in the front of the doors allow air to be sucked through and back across the surface of the car 94 66 MagAzine SPRING 2018 As far as McLaren’s Super Series cars are concerned anyway (there are three levels of performance within the range: Sports, Super and Ultimate, where the forthcoming Senna hypercar exists), this is at once the slipperiest and the most glued-down car that McLaren makes. And that’s all down to physics rather than what looks good on a poster. Case-in-point; the dynamic attributes of the 720S’s chassis control system, which lets the driver vary the car between a pure road and pure track set-up, were developed across a five- year PhD study at the University of Cambridge. That’s not to say it’s all science; it’s designed to be an exhilarating sports car at the end of the day. But that exhilaration has been thoroughly mapped out. Planned from the get-go. And isn’t it great that the need for maximum ability from an aerodynamic point- of-view engenders such a stunning silhouette? At first glance the exterior styling looks busy. But look closer an