66 Magazine Issue 3 Spring 2018 - Page 94

So, this is the start of everything new. McLaren 2.0 begins with this very car. Well, technically McLaren 2.0 probably started with its predecessor, the 650S. But then, that car was an evolution of the MP4-12C, which in turn was something of a new start also. But the 720S is something else again. It has a new heart, a new skeleton, a new brain. It’s also the launch point for a whole host of promised new and updated models McLaren CEO Mike Flewitt wants in the market by 2022. Things are looking positive in Woking. With the new 720S as a first example out the gate, that positivity is certainly justified. You might be forgiven for thinking the McLaren 720S (or any modern McLaren for that matter) looks like it does because that’s what schoolboys draw when they draw a supercar, so those are the proportions that it needs to adhere to. The theory is a great one – and might be somewhat true of other supercar brands – but it doesn’t apply to McLaren. The 720S looks like it does because it represents the absolute zenith of engineering efficiency under the skin. “ISN’T IT GREAT THAT THE NEED FOR MAXIMUM ABILITY FROM AN AERODYNAMIC POINT-OF-VIEW ENGENDERS SUCH A STUNNING SILHOUETTE?”