66 Magazine Issue 3 Spring 2018 - Page 91

performance inside the apartment. The better the balance, the better the overall energy performance of the home. For stand-alone homes and terrace housing there is typically more abundant access to natural light. For apartments, more fine-tuning is required to ensure good natural lighting is provided without compromising the thermal performance. “Energy performance is based around the height of the apartment, its orientation and its size. Homestar credits relate to the size of the apartment and the number of bedrooms, so as you can imagine, in Wynyard Central where you have around 30 different layouts, the assessment process can be relatively complex.” Other aspects that are assessed when issuing Homestar certification include acoustics within the dwelling, along with design elements conducive to a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle, such as adequate bicycle storage, for example. Ella assesses the finished apartments to ensure they adhere to the measures set out at the point of design; that is, no corners have been cut during construction to reduce costs or materials that differ from the originally-conceived specification which might undermine the sustainable performance of the apartment. Once the dwelling has been awarded its Homestar certification, the work of consultants such as eCubed are then audited by the New Zealand Green Building Council. The process is certainly thorough, offering peace-of-mind for the developers, and ultimately the owner-occupiers. Even the construction process itself is audited as part of Built Certification, whereby the material specification of the building is also assessed, and other aspects of the building process are taken into account, such as how construction waste is dealt with during the build phase. As a premium property developer, Willis Bond & Co, has partnered with some of New Zealand’s leading architects to ensure its residences are class-leading in terms of their sustainability. Similarly, Willis Bond & Co’s construction partners, LT McGuinness and Haydn+Rollett, have worked closely with eCubed throughout the entire development process to ensure best-practice methods have led to a ‘New Zealand Excellence’ level Homestar 7 rating for the key residential buildings in Wynyard Quarter. The end result is a unique, vibrant waterfront community of owner occupiers who are proud to call Wynyard Quarter their sustainable home. Visit www.30madden.co.nz, www.132halsey.co.nz and www.wynyardcentral.co.nz for more details. 66 MagAzine SPRING 2018 89