66 Magazine Issue 3 Spring 2018 - Page 70

Prestige, originality, integrity and passion have defined Arclinea since the beginnings of the company over ninety years ago when it was founded by Silvio Fortuna. It still retains the flexibility and design freedom of a family owned company that has been at the forefront of intelligent risk taking in kitchen design since the early 1960s. In 1960, Arclinea was the first company to specialize in the production of modular kitchens. In doing so, they entered into strategic partnerships with manufacturers of materials, particularly steel, as well as appliances which were subsequently integrated into the overall design of a kitchen. This format, of an aesthetically pleasing overall surface, hiding the built in mechanics of the kitchen, remains the basis of kitchen design to this day. 68 66 MagAzine SPRING 2018 Arclinea’s development of the peninsula kitchen led to one of their most important innovations – the kitchen island. This reflected the social changes of the early 1970s as society became more casual and the creation of a family or social meal was no longer relegated to ‘mother’ or the staff operating out of sight in a small dark room at the back of the house. The kitchen evolved into an integral part of a large open plan living area with everyone gathered around the home chef, socialising, having a party and joining in. The use of laminates, particularly the ‘handle free door’ immediately satisfied a taste for simplicity and functionality as well as stylish colo ur options if required. This approach seems self evident in hindsight but at the time it was a monumental shift, where the function of the Previous page Principia in Fume Oak and PVD Bronze. Top left Arclinea Design Director Antonio Citterio. Above Freestanding Artusi Unit. Below Convivium with Up/Down Table and Hanging Shelf.