66 Magazine Issue 3 Spring 2018 - Page 51

and statisticians alike, was immediately seen as the ideal subject. The ‘Kiwi battler’ angle appealed to Metcalfe and Brown too. “The documentary follows two distinct timelines,” says Metcalfe. “Scott’s 2017 season forms the overarching frame of the narrative, but naturally we look back in time to his go-karting days and his progression through the New Zealand racing scene and the big move overseas to the IndyCar series. “People forget just what Scott has achieved. I mean, outside of IndyCars he’s competed at Le Mans too; that in itself is a big deal. The Indy 500 is the biggest one-day sporting event in the world, with something like 350,000 people descending on the circuit. There’s so much colour and drama encapsulated in that one event, let alone the other huge races on the calendar. Capturing all of that was a big challenge for a small team.” In order to ensure fleet-footedness for track footage, the Born Racer crew was deliberately kept small, consisting of director Bryn Evans and a handful of sound and vision techs; there’s no second unit luxuries when it comes to covering as-it-happens racing. As a result, it was an exhausting shoot, says Metcalfe, but the framework of the film came together quickly. “Scott and [IndyCar controlling body] IMS were onboard from the very beginning. Our crew had great access, which is half the battle. It takes momentum and process to build any documentary, regardless of the subject matter. I think because of the urgency of the race season in the background, Born Racer had a lot of forward momentum right from the start,” he says. “It’s easy to think of a documentary as a small project,” concludes Brown. “But we have a real global focus and we love telling big stories, whether they be about an elite sportsperson like Scott or the conquering of Mount Everest, as we did in Beyond the Edge. “New Zealand taking on the world and winning is always going to appeal, both to us as producers, and to the audience. But at the end of the day, we love curating stories that anyone anywhere in the world will enjoy.” Born Racer: The Scott Dixon Story premieres in select New Zealand cinemas during October. Above A small team doing the hard yards, (from left) Darryl Ward, Bryn Evans, Andrew Thomas. Below Matthew Metcalfe says both Scott and the wider IndyCar organisation were onboard for the documentary from the very start. 66 MagA