66 Magazine Issue 3 Spring 2018 - Page 38

ACCESSORIES + INSPIRATION + A A Q N D U A S S M Y A M R P T H C O O N N Y T R O L CONCE ALED BY GROHE + O L A P M P O B O F R I N G D H I X N A I U E D T O I T M I O O N B I L I It’s rather fitting that OPPO smart devices have a solid reputation for fast-charging; their latest collaboration is all about speed too. OPPO has partnered with Lamborghini to design a very special, limited edition of the Find X smartphone. Available in New Zealand in conjunction with 2degrees, the special edition smartphone features carbon fibre paneling under the glass of the phone body and a 3D Lamborghini logo that appears to float above the phone’s surface. The OPPO Find X Automobili Lamborghini Edition arrives with 8GB RAM and 512GB ROM and SuperVOOC Flash Charge technology, which uses a bi-cell battery design to provide charging power close to 50W. That means it’ll only take 35 minutes to fully charge the OPPO Find X Automobili Lamborghini Edition. Visit www.oppo.com/nz for further details. The Grohe AquaSymphony luxury ceiling shower orchestrates water in all its shapes and forms, providing dozens of different configurations. Whether you desire a shower experience as delicate as a sea mist or as invigorating as a waterfall, the Grohe AquaSymphony system allows you to create your perfect shower moment. Paired with the intelligent Grohe SmartControl Concealed system thermostats and mixers, selecting and adjusting the water flow for a different shower experience every day is easy. When you have the luxury of planning your shower from scratch, Grohe SmartControl Concealed is a wonderful option, with concealed installation, an exceedingly slim design and a wide selection of trim sets suitable to a variety of modern bathroom looks. Grohe bathroom components and accessories are available from Robertson Bathware. Visit www.robertson.co.nz for further details. + PI N K R I B B O N A PPE A L Breast Cancer Foundation NZ’s annual Pink Ribbon Street Appeal will be held across Friday 12 and Saturday 13 October. Look for the collectors with the pink buckets. Or if you’d like to volunteer, email pinkribbon@bcf.org.nz Then, later in October and November, the Pink Star Walk takes place in Auckland (Saturday 27 October), Wellington (Saturday 3 November) and Christchurch (Saturday 10 November). Visit www.pinkstarwalk.co.nz for more details. + A M B I CLIM ATE A . I H E ATPUM P CO NTRO LLE R The Ambi Climate is the world’s first A.I. powered heatpump controller. Using built- in sensors and artificial intelligence, Ambi Climate detects and analyses multiple factors that determine how warm or cold an environment feels. Ambi Climate considers temperature, humidity, sunlight, weather, and more, when assessing heatpump usage and, learning from your feedback and habits, automatically adjusts the heatpump to deliver ideal heating/cooling for your home to save energy. Arriving with an IR remote with LCD screen, Ambi Climate is compatible with over 50 brands of heatpump and 1000 remotes. The Ambi Climate costs $229 (with free shipping). Head to www.shop.meridianenergy.co.nz for further information. 36 66 MagAzine SPRING 2018