5Ws Magazine One - Page 9

Our books came first – our titles were out first – our books are beautifully written and crafted – and we are fed-up with the assumption that this series is in some way a spinoff from any other when, in fact - we repeat - it was written and published FIRST! Attempts were made to contact E L James through her webiste and through Amazon - but the sad fact is that, while the content of a book is subject to strict copyrights, the title is not - until or unless it is Trademarked. We never even received the courtesy of a reply. So be warned - and consider your titles with care, but be aware - not all publishers or authors will care or bother to see if a title is already in use before they appropriate it.. See the panel to find out what the book, renamed Ghostly Echoes is about and read a sizeable excerpt starting on Page 10 Sarah sees and hears ghosts. For her it is a normal and mostly ignored part of her daily life. She doesn’t like to talk about it. Only a few close friends know. Sarah hates publicity and won’t hold séances. Her ability is private and personal ...but the police know and so do the spirits who seek her help (and some ghosts, especially children, are very hard to ignore). All Sarah wants to do is to live quietly with her daughter Clarrie. However, a quiet life is difficult to achieve when the recently dead keep intruding. Worse, her daughter might also be psychic and, without realising it, is walking into danger ...so a missing woman and child may soon be the least of all their worries! In whatever order you read her books, Jávea author and artist, Mai Griffin’s series of supernatural thrillers Ghostly Echoes will grip you (once you get over the title and the total lack of spurious sex).