5Ws Magazine One - Page 8

What's in a name? It seems very simple really, you think of a title, then you search the internet, paying particular attention to websites like Amazon etc. Then you choose a compromise that is uniquely and entirely yours – and base a series of books and titles on it ...and then... Well.. the series started in 2007 with Deadly Shades of Grey... Take a look at what happened... Originally published as Deadly Shades of Grey, the first of the ORIGINAL Shades of Grey series – long before any of a number of other Shades of Grey were published by other people, this book is a Ghost Story – with little or no sadomasochism in it! You have written your masterpiece and you are looking for names for your ‘about to be published’ baby... Well, to be precise, it hasn’t any! We, the publishers Author, give up. and the