5Ws Magazine One - Page 69

next issue of 5Ws Magazine... As a Publisher... As an Advertiser... If you represent a publisher and would like us to feature the work of your authors, please get in touch. Our advertising rates are low because the magazine is sponsored. We look forward to discussing how we may be able to work together to promote your books. If you represent a business that supports readers, writers, authors, or publishers, we will be pleased to consider placing your advertising content in the magazine. Content could range from translation services to proof-reading, from printing to marketing, from software to pens. 5Ws Magazine online is published quarterly and is FREE Advertising Rates per issue ¼ page advert £12.50 / $17.00 US/ 15,00 Euros ½ page advert £21.50 / $28.00 US/ 25,00 Euros Full page advert £38.50 / $50.00 US/ 45,00 Euros Two page advert £73.00 / $95.00 US/ 85,00 Euros Advertising can be submitted & paid for online by choosing the “Place an Advert” Topic in the Enquiries form on our main website www.5WsMagazine.com Please contact editor@5wsmagazine.com for more details