5Ws Magazine One - Page 68

How you can get into the As a Reader... As an Author... If you love reading and would like to share your favourite authors and books, please write to us and tell us why you like them. We will publish the best reviews in the next issue. If you have a favourite place to read, send us a photo of it with comment about why – the best and funniest will go into the next magazine! As a thank you for sending us items for 5Ws magazine, every reader who writes in will go into a draw each month, whether the item makes it into the magazine or not and the winner will win a gift voucher that can be used to get any book from the bookshop on www.uppbooks.com. The book can be for yourself or can be sent as a gift, anywhere in the world. If you are an author and you would like your book featured in the magazine, please get in touch with us. We select several authors for our featured articles each issue, without charge. So if you would like us to consider your book – let us know about it and why you think it would be of interest to our readers. If you self-publish and / or are responsible for marketing your book, you might also like to consider advertising with us. Our rates are very reasonable and our readership is growing. If you have a book that is always available as a free kindle download, we will be happy to include a link in the magazine, providing it is complete and not a part work. If you would like to discuss any other way that you may be able to work with us please get in touch. send your emails to editor@5wsmagazine.com