5Ws Magazine One - Page 6

So Why is it Free? The magazine is free because most readers expect to find out about books for free. We are all used to being able to sample books and learn more about authors by spending time on the internet doing research. Our edge is that the free 5Ws magazine gives insights about new books that might, otherwise, be missed. We will also introduce you to the authors as well as to their books. In every issue, we will include an online excerpt from at least one of the books we feature. Every issue will include at least one article for writers, which is about writing, or about getting published and will offer realistic timescales, methods and goals. Of course, we will include links for you to buy the books as well as to explore, but you don’t need to buy anything in order to enjoy the magazine. So, if you like this issue, please follow the link and subscribe – it is free. Gaile Griffin Peers