5Ws Magazine One - Page 59

If they are already published it is less likely that the manuscript would have been sent to me. It would have gone straight to an editor. In a way, I do read everything as an editor would – always very aware of bad grammar or incorrect punctuation. Typos actually annoy me more than anything else because there is no excuse for such carelessness. I am bound to comment on these when I submit my report, because they have to corrected by somebody and, to any company, time is money. You may be sure that if your manuscript has been proofread diligently, before submission, it will be given fair consideration. If your manuscript is rejected, be sure to check it through again and again to correct obvious mistakes. If at any stage you decide to self-publish without making any effort to carry out further edits, don’t be surprised if your book fails to impress. Readers who take advantage of free or bargain books may be generous in their praise when they enjoy a good story, but few will refrain from lamenting, in their reviews, about missing words or characters whose names change halfway through. In case you are considering volunteering for my job – be warned… it would never make anyone rich, although I must admit that my shelves are getting heavy with free books from a grateful publisher – and a few of them are those I really liked when they were only a twinkle in the author’s eye. If you fancy doing a book review for fun and for free books though, it is worth checking on Goodreads.