5Ws Magazine One - Page 40

Roman world, the wider Middle East, China and France, with expressions of Gnostic spirituality from Christian, Cathar, Islamic, Jewish, Manichaean, Hermetic and Mandaean persuasions. This an excellent book for those looking to identify wider sources of belief. Revelation Ben Witherington III The Book of Revelation is a key text to The Invisible College. A clear and detailed verse by verse examination, which assisted me greatly, both in understanding the text, and developing my own ideas for its relevance and application to my own book. Of interest to anyone, regardless of faith or personal beliefs. The Voynich Manuscript Gerry Kennedy The Voynich Manuscript simply good fun. is The manuscript, discovered in an Italian monastery by an antiquarian bookseller, is written in a curious script that may conceal an unknown language or indecipherable code. The work contains hundreds of pictures and illustrations of weird plants, bizarre cosmological diagrams and inexplicable scenes of naked nymphs bathing in a strange green liquid. The book describes the history of the text and how it has defied the attempts of numerous scholars and professional codebreakers to decode it.