5Ws Magazine One - Page 4

Contents... What's in a name? 5 8 Why should I worry about grammar? 11 Who are we and Why is this Magazine free? Where are there author hotspots? When do you write a bad review and what do you say? Who is William Daysh MBE? What will happen with BREXIT? 16 22 26 30 Why read All in the Mix? 32 Where did Owen Knight find inspiration? 36 When does Jana Petken find time to write? 42 Who and How do you tell you're a published author? 48 What is a professional reader? 58 Who is Vonnie Giles? 60 Why Read Aloud with Children? 62 Where can I buy the books? 64 When will the next issue be out and what will be in it? 65 Where can I get this issue's free classic book download 66 What is the Writers in Spain website about? 67 How can I get in the magazine? 68