5Ws Magazine One - Page 39

How to Lie with Maps Mark S. Monmonier An important, entertaining account of how maps are constructed and how they can be used to misrepresent the landscape, either deliberately or unintentionally. The book describes how maps can be used to mislead or misinform the reader, whether to sell ideas, deceive enemies, or hide, or relocate a real geography. Teutonic Mythology Viktor Rydberg You would need a lot of time and a strong constitution to read the whole of Viktor Rydberg’s Teutonic Mythology. Published in the last decade of the 19th century, it is at times fanciful and speculative. Nevertheless, it provides useful material, in the World Mill and the characters associated with it, a concept dismissed at the time, but thought to have similarities to ideas found in Chinese, Egyptian, Babylonian, and AmerInd folklore. The Gnostic Bible W. Barnstone & M. Meyer Such deceptions lie at the heart of The Invisible College, on a grand scale. The Gnostic Bible provides a wealth of excerpts from texts originating in Egypt, the Greco-