5Ws Magazine One - Page 35

All of the authors, including Jean Watson and Sheila Skinner (featured in the photo) belong to the University of the Third Age (aka U3A), through which their collaboration started. As members of the U3A Jalon Valley Writers’ group, they all brought very different levels of experience and expertise, to the table. The challenges were to write enough stories to entertain the readers, to choose which charity to support and then to raise some money for that charity. It took over two years to put the book together from first concept to the final version and it would be disigenuous to suggest that there were not bumps on the road... but the end result is a hefty book with over 300 pages to enjoy. The Authors’ royalties are being donated to Jalon Valley HELP, an essential organisation that supports members of the local community during difficult times. Buy the book straight from the Publisher here - Ships worldwide