5Ws Magazine One - Page 28

It is   1914. As war engulfs the British Empire, a young Royal Navy gunner, George Royal, is  waiting for his next ship in his home port where his best friend has fallen in   love with beautiful Carrie, a woman with secrets. But when she also becomes attracted to George she  puts the friendship between the two men in jeopardy. Unprepared for war, Britain's leadership is severely tested. Worse yet, the Prime Minister's love for a young woman occupies his thoughts even during Cabinet  meetings as  his bickering warlords are making fate-changing decisions. These two  stories, separate but inextricably linked, reveal how the personal lives a nd motivations of leaders can influence the course of a war and the fate of those fighting it  --  on one hand, the personalities and machinations of the    leaders and, on the other, George's coming-of-age through a love triangle at home and his experience of the comradeship, excitement and tragedies of the war at sea. The Book throws up contrasts between Prime Minister Asquith’s distracting lovelife as he strove to lead the UK through this terrible war and the tangled love life of a young sailor thrown, with his family, into war. Never destined to meet, the decisions made by one had huge huge impact on life of the other. Both are wracked with guilt and face moral dilemmas that will change their lives and the world’s perception of them.