5Ws Magazine One - Page 26

Who is William Daysh MBE? This Issue's Cover Author Writing a novel as complex and historically authentic as “Over By Christmas”, requires a good understanding of the Royal Navy, its history and its day to day life. For anyone who has read the book it will be no surprise that before William left the Navy in May 1971, he had served on a wide variety of vessels. After his first tour in 1953, HMS DAEDALUS (AA5), he served at numerous locations and was awarded the MBE in the 1967 New Year’s Honours List for service in 800B Flight on the Beira Patrol. William is an experienced diver which has fuelled his love of history and research allowing him to take part in the exploration of wrecks and historic Naval Sites. With such a background, it can be no surprise that much of his writing revolves around the sea he loves. William now lives in Spain, but his books, available globally, are “not just for Christmas”