5Ws Magazine One - Page 24

Sadly, however, a bad review can achieve more readers and likes than the book... Here a few real one star reviews from Amazon, but we won’t tell you for which books, until the end - suffice to say, they were not on any of our books! Did they actually read this leaden tome, or did they feel obliged to do the author a favour because of her celebrity status and her connections to the publishing world?” 1) “I’m sorry to say Ms Mxxxx’s writing is clumsy to the point where it takes actual effort to read. One of the classic rules of writing is ‘Show, don’t tell’, in other words, instead of telling us that someone is kind, let their actions show us. But Ms Mxxxx tells us again and again how clever and kind and brave her heros are, while giving us no evidence of those traits.” 2) “What I find most shocking about this novel is how something so obviously bad - and please I really do mean bad - turned into a bestseller. How and why did it get amazingly excellent reviews by “critics” in respectable newspapers, how did Richard and Judy recommend it in their bookclub. 3) “Prog Popsters Marillion named themselves after this character. Speaks for itself doesnt it. Never read it though. Didnt have to. Terrible” 4) “It was awful the worst book I’ve ever read I understood nothing and I feel like I’ve entered an early grave” 5) “I didn’t actually read this because it was very boring. It is a very old book. It might be ok for some people but not me.” 6) “One of the worst novels I’ve ever read in my lifetime. Awful, boring and pretentious. I can’t actually believe that people call this ‘well written’.”