5Ws Magazine One - Page 23

If you are going to be honest and clear about the things you do not like about the book, you should also consider what drew you to read the book in the first place as that puts the book in context. For example... “I read this book because it was free, but it isn’t a genre I would normally read,” says far more than “I don’t like this book and wouldn’t read another by this author if you paid me.” Though both have their place in literary criticism. Try and be constructive. Think about what might have helped you to enjoy the book but, remember that you should not give away spoilers that will ruin the book for a fan of the author. “This book needs more explicit love scenes, if it wants to be classed as X rated” might be better than “I don’t give a F**K about this book, nor did the hero, the heroine or the author.” Try and temper your need to enjoy writing the review, with the author’s need for honest and useful feedback. Try not to let your frustration at your wasted purchase spill into anger at the author genuinely trying to entertain you. They want you to enjoy their effort, so that you share that information and encourage more people to read it, so they will already be upset that you cannot see the value that they placed on their work. Why make it worse? Why not help them to make it better? “I would have enjoyed this story more, if there had been a lot less scenery and a lot more action!” “I expected to enjoy this book as it was set on Ilkley Moor, but the dreadful attempts at Yorkshire dialect, that filled every page, made it impossible to read!”