5Ws Magazine One - Page 11

When an author self-publishes there are a daunting number of chores to complete. This series of short articles called “Why should I worry...” is designed to help in constructing a plan that, if used, can be of help from the first word written... First of all, I would advise that you do NOT wait until the ‘The End’ to start checking your book for typos. This is not to suggest that you get bogged down in fine detail while still putting together the outline, but pro-active re-reads will help to refine your book whilst the plot details are fresh in your mind. In addition to correcting straightforward ‘auto-incorrects’ and speed-typing errors, take a critical look at the quality of your grammar. Yes, seriously, it does and will matter. For a start, you would like your book to sell across the world: for Why should I worry... Part One ...about grammar? U P Publications