573 Magazine Nov 2017 - Page 9

Tip #1:  Limit your daily treats.  Those never-ending office treats that are not just enticing, but tasty, should be limited to one piece every other day.     Tip #2:  Park farther away from work. Walking a bit more to get to work really pays off.  You might even take a brisk walk with a co-worker at lunch to discuss your holiday plans.  This extra activity will speed up your system and help burn off the extra calories from the holiday treats.   Tip #3:  Eat smaller portions of food.  The key to eating healthy during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s is to control those portions.  The danger lies not just in what you eat, but in how much you eat.  Choose the items you want to try and eat a small portion of each. Tip #4:  Have a light, healthy snack or meal before parties.  Take the edge off your hunger before you go to a party.  This also allows more time for visiting and enjoying family and friends.  If you go to the holiday party hungry, you tend to graze much of the time you are there. Tip #5:  Be a realist.  Don’t try to lose weight during the holiday season.  Aim to just maintain your current weight.  Preventing weight gain over the holidays is a great present to give yourself.  Tip #6:  Eat slowly. Get more enjoyment out of dinner conversation by taking more time to eat.  Eating slowly allows your stomach to signal when you’re full, which will help prevent overeating.  Tip #7:  Avoid fast food.  Traveling and the hustle and bustle during the holidays leave little time to prepare meals. Plan ahead for holiday travel: make sandwiches, take fruit for snacking, and pack a travel bag of healthy foods. If you do eat out, nutritional information available from many food chains can help you make healthier choices.  Look for the menu items lowest in fat, sodium, and sugar.  Usually, a plain sandwich with lettuce and tomato, a salad (limit dressing), and water to drink would be a great meal choice if you have to eat on the run. Tip #8:  Cut cakes and pies into small pieces before putting them on the buffet table.  With all the other fabulous food, the dessert should be the perfect size for just a taste.  This allows guests to sample a few of their special choices without overindulging.  When making the desserts, use dark chocolate with a high cocoa content.  Dark chocolate not only provides a useful dose of minerals, but the richness means you will also be more satisfied with less.  Tip #9:  After a meal, go for a walk with your family.  See the festive holiday lights and displays in your neighborhood while burning those extra calories.   Tip #10:  Choose low-calorie drinks.  Pass on the calorie-laden egg nog and make a lighter choice.  Limiting the calories in your drinks can significantly reduce your daily calories and will help you avoid weight gain. Now get out there and get stuffed! 9