573 Magazine Nov 2017 - Page 80

  From the time you walk in the door until the time you leave Carole and Mike are focused on your needs. They guide you through your choices and help you understand quality products that make your home exciting and products that last. They offer quality lines such as Benjamin Moore Paint, Hunter Douglas Blinds, Thibaut, Duralee, Wallquest, and York Wallcoverings, Larson-Juhl Framing, Cambria Countertops, and Wellborn Cabinetry.   My name is Carole Harvell. I’m a small town girl.  I love to collaborate, and I like control, two things that seem contradictory.  I work all the time with clients, customers, contractors, designers, and my business partner husband.  The most fun part of it is when we get to the point that we know we’ve hit on a solution!  That’s the one and only moment in my life when I feel like I have control. That’s okay though; I’m learning to let go, give up control, and be happy in that spot too. Our customers aren’t typical; they’re special!  The people that come into StevMark appreciate the face-to-face conversation.  They want knowledgeable salespeople to help them, and they appreciate honesty when we don’t know the answer and our tenacity to find the solution.  Our customers are often contractors or designers working on behalf of their clients.  These people mean business, they need to know that they are getting the best quality for the job and the best advice. Our home-owning customers are passionate about their homes, their memories, and their stuff and so are we. That’s why we fit so well into so many projects! Mike: We have a wide range of customers from the 20-somethings just getting started in a new apartment, to 30-year-olds starting a family, to 40 and 50-year-olds whose kids are growing up and leaving home, and to older individuals that are maintaining and improving their homes.   Because we are a small hometown business, our focus is quality, not quantity.  We spend time with our customers, really getting to know what they need, and enjoying the process.  We thrive because of our connection with our customers. 83