573 Magazine Nov 2017 - Page 76

Pottery and arrowheads used to be easily found in fields and along streams and rivers. Back in the days of deep plowing, about 20 inches deep compared to less than eight today, plows would turn over layers of dirt and, usually after a rain, would reveal arrowheads.   Today, collecting on public and tribal land is illegal. Federal and State laws also regulate collecting on private land and navigable waterways. [H]HۛH]YܙH[B]X[\˂^[[ۙ8&\X[ۈ\[\]YHHX[H\X]\H]]\ܞH[\X]K]8&\[\\]HYZ[B\\H[YX\\[Yݙ\HYX\ˈ]8&\ZH[ݚ[Y\ܞHHۙH\\[H^ [H[]BHYXHH][K][HۙH[Y[X\\HH[Y\[\ܘ[]\[[]\X[ۈ[]x&YY][Y\]ۙH[\\^H\KHYH[YH[][\^HوX\\ˈ][X[KH\Y\]H]›XHYX\˂^[[ۙܙ[\X[H[[[[\\[[B\\\HY[][ۈH\X\Y \\[ۈ܂X[[XZ[[\\Y[H[\[Z[B[ [\۝[YY\[وۛYHXZ\[B[YYH[Z\[HX[